Lin moved quietly and then dried Kun bag, took a black robe and covered it in a deep sleep, only to sit back, but his eyes showed no signs of closing. In this danger, it is obviously impossible for him to close his eyes and rest.

So Lin kept his eyes open all night.
When the first ray of morning glow tore the sky and shone in the mountains, the girl’s slender eyelashes trembled slightly and she immediately opened her eyes. The first time she opened her eyes, she saw the bright eyes of the young man sitting in front of her.
After a good rest, Lin looked forward to waking up and looked much better than yesterday.
You should be careful when you don’t have a rest. You saw a stroke in Lin’s eyes and a trace of fatigue. Obviously, he was here with a tight spirit all night.
Lin Dong glanced at her without saying anything. She responded with a black robe and stared at him with a slight slant of her head. Then she whispered that when she entered Daozong, I could see that you were careful. Isn’t that tired?
Lin Dong smiled. He stared at the girl in front of him and immediately said, You have lived in this sect that is envied by several people all your life, and I came to a low-level dynasty to separate clans. When I was very young, I could wipe out my family enemy with one finger. Although I hated him very much at that time, I couldn’t expose the slightest emotion. I could practice hard and carefully until I held him against my strength. At that time, I could protect my family a little.
I don’t have any background. I need this caution, otherwise the champion round of the Hundred Dynasties War will be done by a low-level dynasty guy.
Looking at the young face of the young man with a smile in front of him should be silent. She is really trying to imagine what he has experienced.
Then your enemy
I killed Lin at the top of Baichao Mountain. He shrugged his shoulders and said lightly
Should gently nodded his head was clever no longer talkative.
Just then, the mountain suddenly trembled violently-the cracked boulder also collapsed rapidly, and you could vaguely hear some noise and drinking from the outside.
They were finally discovered.
You’ll leave first or stay, and you’ll drag me back. Lin looked out of the crack and took a deep breath.
Ying Bei bit her lip tightly, but this stubbornness gradually dissolved when she saw the back in front of her, and finally she nodded her head gently.
Well to be continued text by the dawn update group clouds tired you this welcome you to the starting point to vote for recommended votes monthly ticket you are my biggest motivation Chapter six hundred and sixteen bloody fight.
More than a dozen figures in the blue sky are suspended and violent, and their bodies are full of chalk and dng. At this time, their eyes are all glowing with thick yn and they are looking at the cliff cracks.
Lin Dong hasn’t hid enough for a night.
Yao Ling’s hands are behind her eyes. yn is cold and locked in the dark crack. Sen’s cold voice reveals the anger of murder that can’t be concealed. A night’s search obviously makes him quite angry. Your nose is comparable to that of an animal.
The chuckle is also in the crack at the moment, and then the boulder cracks and the gravel splashes. Among them, the violent plundering and falling on the mountain peak are two people.
Appeared to move eyes Lin is also fast in the middle of a sweep. The number of these people is not yesterday, but the array is still to be reckoned with. Except for the most difficult Yao Ling, Su Lei in the magic seal, Luo Yi was also here yesterday. Others saw that the breath was also at the level of seven yuan’s nirvana sacrifice.
A nine-yuan nirvana sacrifice area and two-yuan nirvana tea sacrifice areas exceed seven, and the number of seven-yuan nirvana sacrifice areas is seven. Even though Lin Dong was prepared in his heart, the palm of his hand in his sleeve still couldn’t help but hold a bite. She should look behind Lin Dong, and her eyes are half-eyed, which is also a bit worried. S She knows that Lin Dong’s fighting capacity far exceeds the strength on the surface, but in any case, his physical strength is only five yuan nirvana sacrifice area. This is very reluctant to deal with Yao Ling alone. What’s more, there is a top
Small this time, you won’t have another chance to escape. Yao Ling’s eyes Ynson stared at the young people at the peak, and the immortal Yuan was planted at the crossing. I can still let you be a pair of desperate mandarin ducks, otherwise I want you to survive today, and you can’t beg for death.
At the end of the day, Yao Ling’s face S has become quite ferocious, and the murder has been scraped like a blade, which has reduced the temperature of the surrounding world.
Lin’s face is calm and slightly tilted to look at the girl behind him.
Smell speech should be silver fangs immediately can’t help but bite bite hn’s eyes with a hesitation. If this situation is left alone, he must be run.
Why don’t I stay and help you? I’ve cultivated the sound of Xiang Pu, so I should hesitate. Finally, I said
However, her words haven’t finished, but Lin is tilted, her eyes are slightly drooping, and her voice is so dull that she has no B-rings.
Looking at the slim figure of the young man in front of her eyes, the jade hand can’t help but hold her tightly. She can hear a trace of thin anger in the plain words before. This is the first time since she met Lin Dong that she saw this young man angry like a cautious deep pool.
You have been careful.
Should jade hand clenched is always take a deep breath, eyes complex look at the back in front of me, and then no longer hesitate to turn around and be swept away.
Want to go Su Lei stopped Yao Ling said is a sneer at drink a way.
As soon as he drinks it, Su Lei immediately laughs and answers, the sole of his foot is slammed and his body is turned into a rainbow, and he should chase it away.
However, just as his figure was just swept away, a figure appeared in front of him like a ghost. When he held a huge and dark old tree in his palm, it flashed out of his hand, and then the dark old tree at the root of his hand took up an extremely heavy force and slammed it at Su Lei to die.


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