Ye Chen’s hands brushed her hair, and the water on her face was clear. Then a tropical wind went away, and the residual cold hands slowly faded away from her body, blaming the princess for having so many fun things. What should I do if I catch cold after playing with water?

Long Huang’s son stared at his magic hands, stroking his noble body bit by bit, and forgot to resist. She wanted to say that she didn’t play with water, but when she thought about how the water came, she could frown and swallow her grievances into her stomach. She was stubborn and said that the princess just played with water because there was nothing interesting in the palace.
How can it be fun? In fact, there are many things that you didn’t find. Look.
Ye Chen’s left hand reached in front of Long Huang’s son and slapped the palm of his hand. He closed his hand slowly and then quickly slapped the palm of his hand. There was another delicate pink flower with a little dew on it.
Long Huang’s son hasn’t come yet, exclaiming that Ye Chen closed his hand again. When he closed it again, it was another thing. When he closed it again, the pink flower was once again shining like a star in his eyes. He couldn’t help but reach out and hold it in his hand. Isn’t this a flying flower in my courtyard?
Fei Huang Hua presumably the little princess has got a name. Ye Chen thought that this was a trick that he picked it conveniently when he passed the front yard and put it in the sword god ring, and then easily made the sword god ring, which was not technical but could easily attract the little princess’s attention.
Chapter 1 You hug me.
Look again.
Ye Chen grabbed a glass bead and presented it to Long Huang’s son. It was already broken into two uneven halves. After he put his hand together for a while, Zhang now has a glass ball in his palm.
Long Huang’s son screamed again. She almost couldn’t help clapping her hands. She blinked her sparkling eyes and said urgently that there was nothing more interesting. I want to see it. I want to see it.
That day, he scratched her neck and felt the blood bead come, but then the wound disappeared completely, and there was no trace of it. The girl’s curiosity was not as strong as usual. She knew the secret and called him a brother with a flat mouth, but she didn’t get an answer, so she held a grudge and thought about bullying her. When she came back, she was planted in his hand again. At this time, she even forgot that he was her enemy.
The princess’s sorrow is that she will always live in a luxurious circle, wandering in the same scene every day, repeating the same life, and being in a golden cage. The canary’s longing is always novel.
Ok, your father asked me to accompany you to the hospital every day so that I could show you many interesting things. Well, let’s go there now or we’ll be late.
Hospital Long Huang son shook his head, a face of eager to say, I don’t want to go there, you accompany me to play, ok?
Your father ordered me to escort you to the hospital. If you don’t go to the hospital, I won’t be able to accompany you. Then I’ll go back first. Ye Chen shrugged his shoulders and stood up and left.
Ah, you can’t go. Hey, I can’t go to the hospital yet. I’m afraid this will bring a lot of interesting things. Ye Chen has to be obedient when he leaves Long Huang.
That’s a good boy. Then let’s go now. Ye Chen turned and laughed.
I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I wriggled my face slightly red and I trotted off to my boudoir. Although all the water was evaporated by Ye Chen, her clothes were still small and her boots were still wet.
When Ye Chen was ready to wake her up, it was too late. In the trot, Long Huang kicked hard on a slender silk thread, and stumbled with the top of his head. A big bag of white flour spilled from his head to sprinkle Long Huang’s body in vain.
Long Huang son leng for a few seconds and finally burst into tears. She Ye Chen carefully prepared six traps and was forced to eat four by herself.
Ye Chen wry smile can’t go over and help her pat covered in flour to comfort. Stop crying and you’ll be late.
He couldn’t help thinking that he really married this Long Huang son three years later. Is it a wife who waits on his wife or a daughter who has to be coaxed and teased every day?
After tossing for half a day, Long Huang’s son finally changed into a snow suit again. When the White House petticoat came, there were still traces of crying in her eyes. Seeing Ye Chen waiting for him for a long time, her lips pursed and her arms opened, and you hugged me.
Ye Chen looked at Long Huang’s son carefully, only to find that she smiled and shook her head with a serious smile. This can’t be done. The princess can’t be held casually.
If the princess is held in the palace, it is estimated that the horse will be known all over the city, not even Xu, because if it is done, the royal majesty princess is innocent
I don’t want you to hug that little sister yesterday, and I want to be hugged by you. She said that little sister was asleep on Ye Chen’s shoulder at Ye Jia yesterday, but in her memory, she had never been hugged by a person like that, and the mother who died when she was born was even less.
That’s different. She’s my family and you’re a princess.
But you, you are my future husband, and my father said that the princess also promised you to hug me.
Tell my father if you don’t promise me.
Well, then tell your father.
You, you always bully me. If you don’t hug me, I’ll cry to you.
Long Huang’s tears come and go, but Ye Chen has learned. If she really wants to cry, she won’t deliberately brew tears, and she will fall like she doesn’t want money. Ye Chen finally gives up and walks to her, saying good, but for a while and not to be seen by others.
Yeah, give me a hug. Give me a hug
Long Huang son rushed to promise to be afraid that he would go back on his word. Two white and tender hands kept pulling his clothes, and his eyes were full of longing.
Ye Chen leaned down to hold her petite hips and hugged him in his chest. Long Huang’s body was extremely soft and light, and he held it in his arms with soft cotton wool.
This satisfied Ye Chen light according to her back and said
Long Huang’s son leaned a cicada’s head on his shoulder and enjoyed being surrounded by a warmth. She didn’t answer Ye Chen, so she just lay there quietly and squinted for the dream feeling.
It’s very kind of you to hold me and play with me after you, okay? She realized that her hands were tight around his neck and she whispered softly
Ye Chenfa’s answer can be ignored.
No one will ever play with me. They are either afraid of me or not. I am very big here, but often I am alone. My brothers and sisters are very busy. My father and emperor didn’t come to see me for a long time, and no one else really wants to accompany me. Will you play with me after that?
Ye Chen
Will you take me out to play? My father only allows me to go once every six months, and I have never been away from Tianlong City since I was so big. I always want to go out to play. Can you take me?
Ye Chen
In the middle of silence, Chen did not move there for a long time, and Long Huang’s son didn’t pronounce it again. Ye Chen bowed his head only to find that her eyes closed and her eyelashes trembled with breathing, so she fell asleep in his arms.
Another poor child who lacks love, Ye Chen sighed silently.


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