Lin moved in the moment when he lost the corpse and stopped it, but he went straight to devour the temple. Soon he glanced at the shadow out of the corner of his eye, and now the horrible knife in the rear of him was ruthlessly angry at him.

You can’t hide at this time.
Lin’s eyes flickered immediately, and a fierce grind turned out to be different. He stamped on the ground and crushed his body in flagstone. His body was already rushed again.
Still a little.
Lin looked at the stone staircase of the temple close at hand. A growl and vigorous figure turned out to be directly stepping on the staircase.
Just when the sole of his foot just stepped on the stone ladder, the cold mountain cut his scalp, but it suddenly solidified when he fell down.
It’s a bird in the sky
In front of me, the appearance is particularly strange. Lin’s feet fall on the edge of the stone ladder, and his toes can support his body. Behind him, the black hand and black S long knife have touched Lin’s scalp. I’m afraid Lin’s body will have to be split in half alive if he moves a little further.
But in this spark, the shadow kept this posture. Finally, in the cold sweat of the little mink and others, the knife slowly walked back, but it was no longer possible to step on the stone ladder.
Actually rushed over.
Sable and others looked at this scene and suddenly looked at it. It seemed that they were going to step on the stone ladder, so it was really passed and the shadow would never see you again.
Had a narrow squeak Xiaoyan wiped a cold sweat. I’m afraid it must be a different scene at this time if Lin moves a little slower.
This guy
Liu Qing Zhu Li, the elder, said it was a smile. I didn’t expect to be beaten by Lin.
The two of them smiled, but the elder Pastor De was livid, and the elder Kun Yuan shook his head.
Haha, I’m one step ahead
Lin move the folding of the heart nervous turned to smile at all y into the devouring temple.
But just as he was just stepping on the steps, a slight hum was swinging, and a figure in the Nine Phoenix clan was violently plundered, and his speed was terrible. Everyone could see a trace passing by as if it were distorted at this time, and that figure was now in front of the shadow.
The mystery hidden in Jiufeng clan is finally unbearable. Chapter 1160 Jiufeng.
Chapter 1333
This change is beyond people’s expectation. Even the elders such as Lin Dong Zhuli and others have experienced drastic changes. The speed of that figure is so fast that even they can see a faint trace passing by.
Traces of black S passed immediately before devouring the celestial corpse, but just before he tried to dodge it, the body of devouring celestial corpse flashed in black mans hand, and the black S long knife was slanted and the blade was overbearing and devouring.
Black s knife mans like flash split that black mark is always a quiver and then the clothes are broken, and with the help of devouring the corpse hand, that sudden figure is finally revealed.
That’s a slender man who looks quite young. His hair is gorgeous, and his eyes and pupils are gorgeous, too. He looks quite beautiful, but his face is cold and ice, as if he doesn’t have much emotion.
At this time, the man’s palm is surging with thick and gorgeous light, just to resist the black S-knife mans that split into his throat, but in this resistance, his palm is also trembling slightly.
The rear Jiufeng clan was stunned when they saw this man, so they couldn’t help but lose their call.
Lin eyes a clot in the sight of this mysterious man turned out to be nine chicken clan elders. Has this guy always been hiding in those nine chicken clans?
Jiufengzu Jiu Feng Taichang.
Not far away, Liu Qing Zhuli, the elder and others are also surprised. S looked at the man immediately, and his eyes changed. I didn’t expect you to be willing to give up even the elders.
It’s strange that this broken cycle is strong, but it can’t get into Kun Yuan Shen Dao.
The reincarnation of Lin heard this, and my heart was slightly shocked. In front of me, people turned out to be strong in reincarnation.
Hehe, it’s really hard to get into reincarnation here, but it’s ok to press the strength to the runner’s condition. I heard Kun Yuan’s words and the elder Jiu Feng smiled faintly.


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