Guo Xiaosi’s heart was suddenly in a trance, but it wasn’t bright enough. Master Bai Tianya Bai didn’t go to the secret room of Tianzihao alchemist’s house to have a look, but he knew what rare Dan medicine was missing. In addition to these records, there were still some places in the secret room. Although there were various labels on the surface of those wild bottles and jars, there was really no Dan medicine inside.

Now, Master Bai Tianya says that he has stolen his pills, and these pills will become his own. One explanation is that Bai Tianya deliberately planted and framed Bai Tianya at this moment, leaving himself alone in Tianzihao alchemy room for more than a year. In this year, he is likely to find and enter the secret room, and even if he did not enter, he will deny that he once entered it and stole the pills. This is nothing more than planting and framing.
Guo Xiaosi is in distress situation, and there is no evidence to prove that there is no Dan medicine in this chamber of secrets. Now, Bai Tianya insists that he has stolen from the clan. There is absolutely no one who will be on his side in Guo Xiaosi. Who will have an irrelevant person to offend the big boss in the clan?
Guo Xiaosi shook his head but didn’t speak. It’s also futile to say goodbye or defend himself at the moment. Since Bai Tianya has made up his mind to plant and frame the blame, it’s not necessary to explain again and see if he will treat himself.
Bai Tianya seems to have calmed down a little, and snorted with indifference. I know what you mean if you don’t talk, but I still have to spare you today, but don’t blame the teacher for not giving you a chance. Today, I will go to the patriarch and put you into the science tower early in the morning. If you can break through the seven-story science tower, you will be lucky. You can’t practice for so many years. Just treat it as a dream of spring.
But Guo Xiaosi still can’t help but send himself that he can’t accept this punishment for his brother without giving directions from the master.
Bai Tianya hummed a thing, and now he still gives you some advice. Your fetal interest rate method is progressing smoothly and has reached the fifth floor, but it is doubtful to enter the Heaven Pagoda without the seventh floor. But after you have served me, you ask the last question.
Guo Xiaosi wry smile a younger brother don’t know where to offend the master, the master must kill his younger brother and let him die.
I can tell you this. Bai Tianya thought about it and said, remember the time when you came back from Longhu Mountain and told me that you met a fairy on the way. Did she ask you to tell me a word?
Remember brother but remember Guo Xiaosi busy nodded that time in the southernmost mountain of Tai Chi Mountains, I once bumped into a female who was also called Bai Tianya Martial Uncle and wanted to give Bai Tianya a word. Never forget to respect Guo Xiaosi, although he didn’t pay much attention to it, but he still remembered it clearly in his heart.
Bai Tianya said slowly, telling you this matter won’t hurt you to meet the fairy named Bai Lian, who is my martial uncle, and my master, who is also your grandmaster named Qing Xuan. Now they are far beyond my junior brother, but Master Qing Xuan once made me combine the two northern and southern sects of Changhuai Sect to grow the Changhuai Sect on behalf of me when he advanced to the level of heartbeat and refined the realm of gasification.
But for hundreds of years, I have been obsessed with alchemy. Fortunately, this time, I need elixir and am going to refine it. When I get another elixir, I have great hopes to step into the realm of refining and gasification, and I must realize the master’s order before I make progress. It has always been a master’s wish for Chang Huaizong. Unfortunately, when his old man’s house was promoted to the realm of refining and gasification, the timing of unification was not mature, so he entrusted me with this.
But what does this have to do with me? Guo Xiaosi was at a loss. Grandfather Qing Xuan asked Master Bai Tianya Bai to combine Changhuai’s two clans, the North and the South. This is a good thing. What is the difference between the same clan and the South? It has weakened the strength of the clan. But what does this matter have to do with Master Bai Tianya Bai’s desire to severely punish himself?
Bai Tianya motioned for him to be quiet with a wave of his hand. He continued, If I enter the realm of refining gas, I will leave Zongmen in Changhuai and go to a place where I belong to that realm. Your inheritance in Taixu Temple is an out-and-out mediocrity. Although I have also succeeded in refining some Dan medicines, it is just a coincidence. I have carefully examined your talent, and letting you inherit Taixu Temple will make my Taixu Temple dying. Therefore, this time, my purpose is to find an alchemist to let him succeed me in Taixu Temple.
Guo Xiaosi squealed that at the end of the day, Bai Tianya didn’t have enough talent to abandon himself, but he didn’t know that his achievement method had reached the seventh floor of the fetal interest method at the moment, but it was only by concealing his interest that Dan got his achievement method and transferred it to the fifth floor. But if this layer of achievement method went to the science tower, it was a dead end. Fortunately, Bai Tianya didn’t know that Guo Xiaosi had reached the seventh floor and maybe he could escape from the science tower smoothly, but at that time, Bai Tianya unified Changhuai Zongji’s life and it was still in his hands. It was really hard to live.
Shifu Shifu Guo Xiaosi quickly cried, Then you can expel me from the Taixu Temple. Oh, no, you can also expel me from Changhuai Sect, which will not affect the future status of Taixu Temple. Do you have to kill your brother?
Bai Tianya shook his head. The traitor of Changhuai Sect died, but at this moment you know too much. It’s unnecessary to keep you in this world. The master often teaches us to do it in case of loss, so there’s no need for you to talk nonsense so that you can get into the Science Pagoda and let the patriarch be present. When you get into the Science Pagoda, the killer will take the North Sect into his own control and then try to unite the North and the South.
Guo Xiaosi’s brain is spinning fast. As soon as Zhao Zongzhu arrives, he will throw himself into the science tower and shout loudly to announce the secret of Bai Tianya so that he can make a fool of himself.
But before he thought about it carefully, Bai Tianya read a spell and then said it with his big hand to Guo Xiaosi’s jaw, so you talk too much nonsense. From now until this time of day, you don’t have to talk with this mouth.
Guo Xiaosi was surprised to open his mouth and want to shout, but he could purr slightly. This last hope was gone.
No, there is still a hope at last, that is, to get through the tower of science and this life-and-death card to reach the rotation period. This hope is not small, because the fetal interest rate method has reached the seventh floor and reached the most basic condition for entering the tower of science and technology, so it seems that it will cost one’s life, but it may not necessarily cost one’s life.
Master, what if he rushes into the heaven tower of science? The middle-aged man said, I think this middle-aged man is Bai Tianya’s genius who is looking for alchemy medicine outside.
Bai Tianya ha ha a smile. You worry too much about his achievement method to reach the fifth floor of the fetal interest method. You can’t break through the heaven tower. The heaven tower is weak, the giant wood is dark and the fire is sharp. Six arrays of Jin Tianlei are enough to destroy him in the seventh floor. He may not even see it.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-five Weak water three thousand
But Guo Xiaosi didn’t know that reaching the seventh floor of the fetal interest method was the most basic condition for entering the science tower, while the seventh floor of the fetal interest method entered the science tower alive, but only seven people came from Changhuai Sect, and the rest of them died in the tower, not more than 300 people.
After many younger brothers reached the seventh floor, it was difficult for them to grow up. When they reached the fourth and seventh floors, they were two small cards, which were generally not easy to break through, so they stayed on the seventh floor of the method. Those younger brothers were eager to break into the spinning period, so they took risks and took a chance. Therefore, Changhuai Sect had to break through the boundaries of Haotian Pagoda to enter the seventh floor.
The Haotian Pagoda of Changhuai Sect is also well-known among the nine gates. One of its functions is to help the younger brother get through the spinning period to a certain extent. The other is to punish those younger brothers who have made serious mistakes without progressing to the seventh floor. The second method has not been used in Changhuai Sect for one hundred years.
This time, Guo Xiaosi was put into the Tiantai Tower of Science, and it was a once-in-a-century opportunity. Therefore, at this moment, the Tiantai Tower of Science in the Temple of Heaven of Science was crowded with people, and everyone came to watch the excitement. Because Guo Xiaosi had a bad name in Zongmen, more people kept a respectful distance from him. Today, the master and apprentice actually performed this wonderful play, which almost caused a sensation in Beizong.
The achievement method reaches the basic requirements, and my brother is put into the Heaven of Science Pagoda. This important event must be attended by the patriarch, so Zhao, the patriarch of the North Sect, rushed to the Heaven of Science Hall with a dozen masters.
Generally speaking, if the younger brother of the Northern Sect wants to enter the Heaven Pagoda of Science, then the Heaven Pagoda of Science will be released by the Northern Sect, while the patriarch of the Southern Sect will not be allowed to enter the temple to see his younger brother. If the Southern Sect wants to enter the Heaven Pagoda of Science, the Northern Sect will also be forbidden to enter.
Therefore, at the moment, the Temple of Heaven in Science is full of master Bai Tianya, the younger brother of the North Sect. Looking around, he is quite ambitious. Today, it is good to take Guo Xiaosi into the Pagoda of Heaven in Science and kill half of the North Parcel, so it is easy to take the North Sect.


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