This leitian couldn’t wait for him to die one hundred times. I’m afraid that the Jin Emperor was killed by Ye Fanhe is also an unexpected thing in Leitian.

Ye Fanhe hesitated for a couple of days. I want to practice Buddhism, but it is not suitable for a Buddhist country. If you are willing to take me to a Buddhist country, I will swear by the immortal source. Even if I experience reincarnation, I will never reveal your support for the celestial source.
Leitian laughed Ye Fanhe. You made a mistake. I don’t have a heavenly source. If you want to practice Buddhism, it’s also a betrayal of heaven. Do you want to seize the heavenly source by mixing in Kunlun?
Ye Fanhe River is not good for you and me, so take a day off to consider one.
There is nothing to think about. I do know a Buddhist country, but I can’t guarantee that it is still there. If you let me take you there, tell me what benefits I can get.
Ye Fanhe loomed, saying Jin Huang Jiuding.
Cheng leitian didn’t hesitate for a moment.
This Jin Huang Jiuding may not be the strongest fairy, but it is of great significance that Ye Fanhe won’t care, but if this thing gives Qin Huang strength, I’m afraid it will break through the shackles and surpass the pick of Jin Xian.
Ye Fanhe smiled, but the woman behind him was a face of indifference. Ye Fanhe changed, and she had already died of heart.
You are a golden fairy. Give me Jin Huang Jiuding first. I’ll take you there. If the Buddhist kingdom has collapsed, I’ll give you Jiuding back.
Leitian doesn’t care whether this Ye Fan River becomes a Buddha or not. Jin Huang Jiuding is also a great help to his self-cultivation sword.
Ye Fanhe doesn’t worry about Leitian deadbeat, and directly takes Jiuding to Leitian.
Leitian changed the way of riding the wind and followed it. The Buddha country is in the sea.
The Ye Fan River is full of celestial troops in the stuffy sea, but the celestial Fadeng Zhongzhou can arrange a large number of people in the sea to completely isolate Zhongzhou.
Now several other big state gas refiners have gone to Zhongzhou again, and there are not many reserve forces to choose from when Zhongzhou Heaven fights in Jin Ao Island.
Kyushu gas refiners have joined forces, and the armor of the night emperor has fallen into heaven. Now the situation depends on luck.
After all, there are too many people in heaven, even if they fight for consumption, Zhongzhou gas refiners can’t afford it.
Fairy bean cultivation also consumes resources. Even if it is hidden, the number of caves in Zhongzhou will definitely exceed 100. It is impossible to plant fairy beans in these caves. There is only one or two schools to imitate.
However, I have already given Bai Qi Jiuding Bai Qi, and I didn’t say that I want to lie to him. It’s just that the position of the Buddhist country is bad.
Fly to the seaside, leitian, to be on the safe side of Yefan River, we will take refuge in the water.
Ye Fanhe’s nod and five elements evasion method is also something for him.
Leitian is still wrapped in the beads of the Yuan God, and there is no light rain on the outside. That Luo Xiu is all in the beads of the Yuan God.
Rain on Luo Xiudao Luo Xiujie What do you think of this matter?
No opinion
You can’t be so independent.
I have no opinion, not no opinion.
I think we should kill Ye Fanhe.
He is Jin Xian.
It’s hard to kill, but it’s not impossible to kill
Ye Fanhe has betrayed heaven.
It’s even more important to kill such people. They will betray temporary interests at any time and take great risks when they stay together.
Then what Luo Xiulai wants to say is that you have killed yourself. Suddenly, she realizes that if she really says so, I’m afraid Xiaoyu will do it at once, and she must help herself.
She quickly changed her mind. Then what do you think leitian is?
Leitian is still worried about the source of Heaven Emperor.
Are you worried?
Don’t worry about Ye Fanhe. He’s lucky, but he can’t compete with Brother Xiaobai.
Okay, why are you saying this?
Of course, it’s feelings. We’re all lovers of Leitian Road at last. Should we be strangers? Even if it’s not Leitian, you should call me a teacher elder sister, right?


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