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☆ Chapter 12 Looking for a seventeen-year-old girl
Chi Yao was injured because he wanted to roll with the punches and roll with the punches, but because Yang Ruore didn’t cooperate, he went to the police station. The director was particularly depressed and urged Yang Ruore not to talk nonsense, but he didn’t know how Yang Ruore seemed to be possessed and his eyes were glazed over.
Wu Jie doesn’t know what happened to Yang Ruoruo today, but she is like this … "Ruoruo!"
When the police came to the crew with a police car, Yang Ruore was still in a state of absence. The director frowned. What was Yang Ruore doing? "Yang Ruoruo, you’d better pay attention to your words." Finally, the director really couldn’t watch it, and gave a warning, fortunately, it has been finished now, otherwise the director will definitely get angry again!
Wu Jie pulled a handful of Yang Ruoruo and then politely said to the director, "Director, don’t worry, I won’t let Ruoruo talk indiscriminately."
The director snorted, "It better be."
Recently, the police stared at Yang Ruore and came to ask Yang Ruore a question from time to time. What makes Wu Jie have some doubts now? "If if? What’s the matter with you? Is it uncomfortable? "
"Oh …" Yang Re or a pair of absent-minded look at Wu Jie’s heart is also a burst of anger. He just wanted to say something when he saw the police coming. He had to behave beside Yang Re.
The policeman came forward and took a look at Yang Ruoruo’s strange appearance. "What happened to Miss Yang?"
Yang Re slightly hanging her head and soft eyes are erratic and I don’t know what happened to her. Wu Jie looked impatient and couldn’t help saying, "If her body is uncomfortable …"
The policeman interrupted Wu Jie’s words, "I didn’t ask you, but you didn’t answer for her."
Wu Jie with smile secretly and mercilessly pulled two Yang Re clothes "I am her agent, of course, to help her speak".
"Come on, don’t be careless with me. There is a fingerprint of Yang Ruore on the surface of that weapon. What have you been protecting her for?" The police are not easy to provoke. "If you still speak for her, believe it or not, I will catch you together?"
"This ….." Wu Jie was speechless. He protected Yang Rere for several days. He didn’t come back to the police and was pressed back. Presumably this time, he couldn’t help it! "Okay, but if you have never done such a thing!"
"Have you done it?" The policeman gave Wu Jie a white look and then turned his eyes to Yang Ruoruo’s side. "Miss Yang, please answer my question. Did you really have an argument with Miss Chi before?"
"Well …" Yang Re absent-minded should be a..
"If if!" Wu Jie eyes a dark "police …"
"You shut up!" The policeman gave Wu Jie a warning look. "If you speak again, I will hinder the police from handling the case and arresting you!"
Wu Jie can’t and the police hard to be worried by Yang Re what’s the matter? Didn’t we agree before? On what the police ask, she should insist that she didn’t do it! But … What’s the situation now? Yang Rere actually admitted that she had an argument with Chi Yao, so that she wouldn’t have a full motive to hurt people!
Yang Re-ruo didn’t know what she had said. Now she feels like she’s floating in the clouds. She feels comfortable. All her senses are dull and blurred. She knows that she’s comfortable now and she’s never been comfortable physically and mentally!
Next to a small police recorder recorded every word Yang Ruore said.
"So did you plan to kill Miss Chi?" The police continued to ask seriously that this case was the first one to ask for a thorough investigation. I don’t know what an accidental wounding incident is, but I value it so much. Maybe this has something to do with the injured Chi Yao!
Yang Re-ruo heard someone talking, but she couldn’t hear what was said clearly, but if someone talked, she would nod "hmm"
"Yang Ruoruo!" Wu Jie a face of shock Yang Re if today is going on? But it’s not just all the members of Wu Jie’s cast who are stunned. Is it really Yang Ruore? I really can’t see that acting is so bad at ordinary times, but once I start this harmful drama, I really feel like a thief shouting to catch a thief!
The director sighed heavily and was completely disappointed with Yang Re-ruo! It seems that you should never go to Yang Ruore again!
Even Xin Yan’s feminine figure suddenly came out, pointing to the absent Yang Rere and said, "Mr. Police, I remembered one thing. When I went to make up that day, I heard Yang Rere talking about what to beat Chiyao …" Then she covered her lips and looked at Yang Rere with some fear, as if she were afraid that she would retaliate when she heard it.
The police pulled Yang Re-ruo a little and then said to Lian Xin-yan, "Don’t be afraid of you, Miss Lian."
Xin Lian Yan nodded his gentle face and looked full of koo expression. "In fact, I don’t know if I heard Yang Re say that Chi Yao robbed her of a man she likes … probably because of this, because there are too many women who are jealous of love. It is normal for Yang Re to do so."
When the game heard Lian Xinyan’s speech, his brow wrinkled slightly. "As you said, Miss Yang’s motivation is very big."
"Captain, it seems that something is wrong with Miss Yang!" According to the soft body, the little police officer is going to lie on the ground. When Yang Re sees her alone, her eyes turn white and her face turns white with silly joy. The little police officer suddenly feels that something is wrong.
The policeman who was called the captain quickly walked over and got up. Yang Ruoyi looked at her face carefully and then sank, "She is taking drugs!"
"Taking drugs? !” Wu Jie surprised no matter the police warned directly went over and took Yang Re to clap her face "hello if if! What’s the matter with you? Wake up! Who told you to take drugs? "
The policeman experienced Yang Re sleeve rolled up and not surprisingly saw Yang Re arm that large and small pinhole face more heavy he looked at Wu Jie "do you think someone else will give her medicine? She is an addict! "
Wu Jie shook his head "no, it’s not! If it is absolutely not such a person! " He has been Yang Ruoruo’s agent for so many years. If she is taking drugs, why didn’t he know? However, such an arm full of pinholes is irrefutable evidence. No matter how good his eloquence is, he can’t display it!
The policeman smiled contemptuously. "How do you know?"
"I …"
"Are you her boyfriend? Still a husband? " The policeman continued to ask, "You are her agent. Do you know what she usually does when she goes home? How could she possibly tell you about taking drugs? "
"This ….." Wu Jie was refuted, and there was no room to look at Yang Re’s appearance again. It may have been the end of the drug effect. She collapsed to the ground and rolled around without scruple, and she was so happy that people around her were scared.


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