Lao Cao said never to smoke in front of me. I’m afraid I’m weak-willed and easy to defect.

Look at a few minutes later, Fang Xia got up from one end. She came behind Lao Hou and said, Lao Hou, I think you have given up smoking, too. Every day, so much phlegm is smoked. As she said, she reached out and grabbed the cigarette from Lao Hou. Hehe or Yuxi? She said, she threw it along the big window.
Old Hou Zheng didn’t say anything, however. He knew that Fang Xia was also good for himself. He could smile embarrassedly. Wang Junlai chimed in at this moment and said that you felt sorry for me when you threw a soft bag of Yellow Crane Tower.
I sympathize with you for being so miserable.
Fang Xia is still looking for something behind Lao Hou, and Lao Hou doesn’t understand what to look for.
Why can’t I believe you just have a cigarette? Fang Xia said
I, uh, I, uh, old Hou meant to cover my trouser pocket with my left hand. Fang Xia smiled and said, "This is 320 silver here." She said, reaching out and pulling out a pack of cigarettes from old Hou’s trouser pocket, and she threw it down the window without looking. The cigarette case disappeared in a beautiful arc.
Old Hou Nai shook his head and said that it’s a good thing there is no such wife.
A man walked into the laughing gate.
Section 87 is not pitiful
Section 87 is not pitiful
As soon as the door opened, a man in his 40 s and 50 s saw that he was wearing a white short-sleeved T-shirt, a pair of dark blue trousers, a short stature, a pair of eyes that didn’t laugh or talk, and everyone knew that he was a guest sutra.
As soon as he entered the room, he said that you really want to quit smoking. I heard from afar that Lao Hou Ruanbao Yuxi didn’t give me words. He came in and looked at him with depressed eyes and said it wasn’t a feeling.
Zhou Jing, if you had come three minutes earlier, the cigarette would have been yours, said the old Hou Nai
Why didn’t Zhou Jing explain the meaning of words?
Old Hou pointed to Fang Xia over there and said you asked her.
Fang Xia is a quick talker. She said that Zhou Jing wanted to smoke and went upstairs to pick it up. She just threw it away. She didn’t even lift her eyelids and continued to look at the early information.
Old Hou stood there, holding a foreigner’s shoulder to his hands. Zhou Jing had a good laugh and turned around and left their house for a long time before people spoke. Wang Yi said, I don’t like such people the most. How often and easily do it with guest money.
People eat this bowl of rice, but Lao Hou said
Lao Hou went on to say that regardless of him, I just want to know that I gave up smoking after two days without seeing anything. I can explain why Fang Xia came to Wang Jun. This old Cao wife I have seen is nothing too much.
Lao Cao’s face was black and red, and he was sweating. He gently wiped his towel. Lao Hou continued to ask Lao Cao. I remember your wife didn’t force you to quit smoking.
Aunt Wang also chimed in and said yes, I also want to know.
In fact, Lao Cao’s eloquence is good, and he is a loud voice who can talk and laugh, but he just can’t do it in that respect. He can’t say or do it. He is embarrassed to talk with his mouth open and his preface doesn’t match. It took him a long time to say me. I didn’t want to smoke because I saw Jun coming to quit smoking.
Lao Hou continued to ask people if Wang Junlai was in charge, and asked your old man if he was in charge.
Everyone didn’t look at the plate, and their eyes were fixed on the old Cao Shen, a big fellow in Northeast China, who was restless. His dark red face was even darker and red, and sweat poured down his forehead and temples. His eyes also seemed a little flustered. It took a long time to suppress a word to smoke, which was not good for his health.
Ha, ha, ha. There was laughter all over the house.
Drinking water, Master Liu took a sip of tea and sprayed a water mark on the display. He turned to look at Lao Hou and said, Hou Yaozong is really popular with people.
Plate Yang Jiahui aside gently said 1.
Only then did people restore calm. The market closed at 9 o’clock on time. Today, it was expected to be a little higher, but in the process of not five minutes, the stock index made up for the gap. In this process, the volume showed a shrinking trend. Zhang Jun knew in his heart that this was a very standard technical form, and he was much more stable when he saw it in his eyes.
He, like Yang Jiahui, is heavily tied in the copper industry, but he has another stock of Zhongtian Technology. Of course, this stock of Zhongtian Technology Zhang Jun has been prepared for a long time, just as if there is no such stock. He converted the page to the copper industry. Hehe, after the copper industry is almost the same, it is a supplement, and then a straight line quickly pulls up and looks at the rising market. Zhang Jun’s heart is like eating a mass of honey.
Look at the beauty around her and find that she is still engrossed in the information, but she doesn’t know whether the stock in her hand is going up or down. Zhang Jun secretly admire this in her heart, which is called lifting weights lightly. I’m afraid it’s not worth the loss all the time. He suddenly remembered a sentence: all of them are playing with bands, all of them are chasing high skills, and only those who are honest and lazy can make money.
After a moment of silence, people gradually hit the box.
Lao Cao asked Lao Hou whether he had gone to Qian Shan this Anshan trip.
had gone
I haven’t been there for many years, but has it changed much now? Lao Cao asked
After thinking about it, Lao Hou was quite touched and said that the change was really great, and the mess had become very clean before, but it was a pity that it was too hot to have a good time.
Old Hou said that he touched his pocket and said that he had forgotten that the cigarette was gone.
When the gentlemen say quit, they stop thinking about that, said Lao Cao
Hmm. How interesting
Lao Cao then asked Lao Hou how about going for a walk, too?
It’s better to be cloudy or cooler. It’s too hot now. Do you know that the temperature is much higher when the mountain is close to the sun? The old Hou joked that he thinks he has said something. Don’t you know Fang Xia said that according to your judgment, Mount Everest must be a place with a strange heat ratio?
Hehe, Lao Hou didn’t say it for two quick laughs. Don’t say it because he knows it, but Fang Xia can’t.
Master Liu also has something to do at this time. He turned to the old Hou side and said that there is no ropeway in Xiaohou Qianshan Mountain now, and I haven’t been there for decades.
That poor pine tree hasn’t been asked by Master Liu yet.
Old Hou said it was still that big.
Why didn’t I pay attention to poor pine? Yang Jiahui asked


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