Meng Fei, the little dragon mouse, feels bad

Meng Shaoshao, be careful. His sword attack contains the attack of gods. The little dragon mouse woke up and said, I’m lucky I’m a spiritual body, otherwise this fear will kill him just now.
Meng Fei heart a tight god knowledge attack.
According to Meng Fei’s observation, this Mu Changfeng is a strong creature, and it is estimated that his divine power should not be too strong, even if he will attack himself with divine knowledge, the guardian of blood and eggs should not pose much threat.
The king’s egg cunning is very unfavorable. Let him suffer a little bit first. Then I thought of this. Meng Fei was desperate to kill the little dragon mouse with a cold stab again. Immediately, he slammed his head and rushed to Muchangfeng again.
Mu Changfeng’s body moves to meet Meng Fei instead.
The whirring cold stab is light, but it is instantaneous and long, stabbing to Mu Changfeng. The black sword in Mu Changfeng’s hand seems to split through and stab directly at Meng Fei’s hand at a faster speed.
Cold stab black sword impact
Meng Fei personally bounced back and slightly dumped his head and recovered.
At this time, Mu Changfeng felt a strange and terrible shock wave directly to his left hand through the cold thorn and directly poured into his body through the gas mask on his body surface. The violent and terrible shock made his insides tremble violently.
Poof, a mouthful of blood is sprayed directly from Muchang tuyere.
Mu Changfeng looked at Meng Fei in disbelief. He didn’t expect this man to be attacked by his own gods. You know, this is the only thing he is most proud of, but he didn’t expect to be seriously injured when he first met Meng Fei.
This man’s attack is so weird. I didn’t defend myself. I already felt that Meng Fei was terrible in my heart. I didn’t expect to deal with him and force me to do my last trick.
Meng Fei’s head is only relaxing now.
It’s terrible that the gods attacked Meng Fei’s heart, and his heart trembled. It not only attacked the soul penetration, but also had a seductive effect. If the little dragon mouse hadn’t woken up before, he would have really fallen into psychedelic.
Die, little dragon mouse. At this time, it rushed to Muchangfeng. The sharp fangs directly bit the past, but little dragon mouse actually penetrated Muchangfeng’s body.
Mu Changfeng’s body is still there.
How two Muchangfeng Meng Fei were shocked to see this scene? At this time, there were actually two Muchangfeng in the Stone Terrace, and it was definitely not a phantom. Even the breath was exactly the same.
Meng Fei couldn’t believe it but had to believe it.
Two MuChangFeng move again turned into four MuChangFeng.
This is different from the illusion that he formed by extreme speed movement, because each of these four Muchangfeng is real, and Meng Fei’s divine power also found that these four Muchangfeng all have the breath of Muchangfeng.
What is this? Meng Fei is surprised.
Four Mu Changfeng Lingli looked at Meng Fei coldly, and each person formed a paragraph. You really forced me to do this with some strength. Just now, you saw that when you attacked me, I would find that my body was illusory.
But if I attack you, you will find that my body is real, that is to say, I can attack you, you must not attack me, and you will die.
Four MuChangFeng flew towards Meng Fei speed at the same time.
I can’t believe I can’t break you. I can’t prevent Meng Fei from rushing to one of them at a high speed. In a flash, Meng Fei stabbed the other one with a cold stab and killed it absolutely.
But after stirring and killing, it’s the same as splitting into gas
Meng Fei’s cold stab directly penetrated the past from Mu Changfeng’s body and didn’t hurt him at all. However, this illusory Mu Changfeng suddenly split a sword into Meng Fei Meng Fei’s speed cold stab to resist.
Meng Fei’s personal split brain is also a burst of dizziness
How is it possible? How is it possible that Meng Fei can’t believe this abnormal ability? Even in the face of a strong life and death situation, Meng Fei won’t feel this despair. He can’t attack his opponent, but he can easily attack himself.
What the hell is going on here?
How can the battle continue like this?
Mu Changfeng, don’t deceive others. Although I don’t know where you are from, it’s not that I haven’t cracked the little dragon mouse sound.
Meng Fei turned to look at the little dragon mouse and stared at Mu Changfeng with small eyes. You can’t attack four people and attack your four bodies at the same time. Do you think you can still hide?
Little dragon mouse seems to know this ability very well.
Four Muchangfeng all looked at the little dragon mouse with black swords in their hands and sneered. It seems that you know this trick.
Of course, it is also a kind of trail to understand this kind of undead avatar in the past. The body of the little dragon mouse suddenly turned out to be a split, and both little dragons and mice stood up and Mu Changfeng was shocked to see this scene.
Meng Fei also felt shocked.
What’s going on? Meng Fei also flew to the little dragon mouse at the moment
The little dragon mouse said to Meng Fei that this is a kind of soul-shifting technique, which belongs to the stunt of the undead king. It is said that this skill has long been lost. I really don’t know where this Mu Changfeng came from.
You said that my posture is called moving souls and changing shadows. Mu Changfeng frowned and said,
You don’t know little dragon mouse watching Mu Changfeng.


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