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"Li Changsheng, how dare you?"

Li Duanqi stared at his eyes and turned red. "Why not?" Li Changsheng looked contemptuous and […]

And the chaos war in outer space is becoming more and more intense.

On this occasion, not only the congenital fierce beasts suffered heavy casualties, but also the universe […]

If you really want to withdraw, don’t you just give the earth source to them in the middle of chaos fiend’s arms?

At this moment, Emperor Taiyi really wants to break the vast land so that the three […]

Smog Bai yinting couldn’t help wrinkling his nose, but he quickly adapted to the environment in the bag.

"Boss?" Lin Hao was also slightly surprised to see him inside. He is surrounded by Mingyi, […]

Is that real reason why she should neve tell those people that she wants their tear.

Ziyun proudly sorted out the list, and those who walked closest to Huang Junyi ranked first. […]

The exercise came quickly and ended even faster. In less than two hours, both sides announced that the confrontation exercise was over.

Chapter five hundred and six Deterrence imbalance December 3 rd At this time, all parts of […]

This is the right way. The sword has actually failed to resist Li Zhichang.

She’s still here. She can’t be depressed. At this moment, her heart seems to be It […]

"Whether there is a key everywhere is not certain. The place is inseparable from Shuihuangcheng." Dan Tai Li answered Gu Zi’s conversation.

"Shuihuangcheng shouldn’t be that big. Maybe Shuihuangcheng is in a smaller position in Bohai Sea, Yellow […]